Peshawar City is the capital of Pakistan’s province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It also happens to be that Peshawar is the 6th largest city in Pakistan. Filled with a rich culture and hospitality of its citizens, there are a number of things that elevate the status of Peshawar as one of the best cities to live in Pakistan.

Peshawar, unlike many other cities in Pakistan has a culture that goes back to the 539 BCE. This makes Peshawar undeniably the oldest city in Pakistan. In addition to that, the historic significance of this beautiful city is also highlighted by the fact that It is also one of the oldest cities of South Asia.

Peshawar is lined by historical artifacts that spans back centuries. It lies a small distance of only about 30 miles from the Afghanistan border. It may also be reason that the majority population of Peshawar is occupied by Afghans that are also the predominant ethnic group of Afghanistan. This can be attributed to the fact that Afghans were separated into two parts when the Durand Line was demarcated by the British Empire to distinguish Afghanistan from the British ruled subcontinent.  

However old the history of this city may be, its significance still stands to this day as a gem of cultural integrity and beauty. The city through all these decades has not lost its soul as an integral pillar of Pakistan.

Investment in Peshawar – the lag and the development:

Peshawar has been a part of Pakistan since its independence in 1947. The city, however, has suffered a lot since then today. It served as a safe space for refugees in the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980’s. Because of this, the population of city saw a huge surge in that time. This caused a lot of burden on the city’s infrastructure causing a delay in its development as compared to the other cities and capitals of other provinces in Pakistan.

The Soviet-Afghan war also caused the development of some other unforeseen circumstances in Peshawar. Due to the training of militants in this area, the city became a center of terrorist attacks in 2010.

Since then, however, the efforts of military of Pakistan alleviated the security situation of the province with a number of operations. Due to these efforts, the city can now breathe again and showcase the splendid atmosphere of kindness and hospitality it used to before.

Owing to these big strides, the city has seen a huge increase in capital and investments by both government and private sectors for its development. One of these latest projects was the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (Peshawar BRT) that was inaugurated just two weeks ago on August 13th of this year. In addition to this transit system, many housing and development projects have also started in Peshawar.

This influx of investment in the capital city has made it a huge hub of high-class housing projects. These housing projects have brought a lot of buying opportunities for people at different levels of capital. Now you can afford any residential plot in Peshawar considering your own budget, however small or large it might be.

Investment Opportunities in Peshawar:

The fast rate of development in the city has made it possible for many property projects to show up. These projects have made it possible for finding cheapest land in Pakistan. You can find many different types of properties including a 5 marla house for sale in Peshawar or a 1 kanal residential plot in Peshawar. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Not only can you find different sized properties through these Peshawar cheap land projects, but you can also easily consider your own pocket while looking for a residential plot in Peshawar. For example, you could buy a 1 kanal residential plot for 70 lacs in DHA in one sector or a 1 kanal residential plot in DHA for 1.15 crore in another sector. The choice is completely up to you.

The city of Peshawar provides a great potential for investment as it is continuing to develop over the years. Right now, the city is in good shape for improvement as the numerous property projects take place providing a great source of residential plot in Peshawar, not to mention an increase in the land for sale Pakistan.

You can find any number and types of properties in Peshawar. Some of the properties you can easily view and analyze on include a 5 marla residential plot in Hayatabad for 1.22 crore or a 5 marla residential plot is Regi Model Town for 48 lacs or even a 1 kanal plot for sale in Hayatabad for  3.25 crore. If you are looking for something bigger, you could always take a look at the 2 kanal plot up for sale in DHA Peshawar for a price of 3.5 crore.

How can help?

If you are trying to find cheapest land in Pakistan or even houses sale in Peshawar on installment, there are a lot of resources available to you at the beck of your hand. You can use different property apps to find Peshawar cheap land such as 5 marla residential plot in Peshawar DHA at the small price of 35 lac. Or you could invest in a 10 marla residential plot in DHA Peshawar in just 49 lacs. The options are limitless. It all depends on the resources you are using. If you want limitless options, then is your best bet because it gives one option over another. You can compare prices, localities and amenities. And if that wasn’t enough, you can do all this within the comfort of your own home. Just use the app or website to browse through different categories and options available. You can virtually see the live condition of any property or plot may it be a 1 kanal residential plot in DHA for 80 lacs or A 1 kanal residential plot in Hayatabad for 1.32 crore.

Asasa shows you properties in different regions and housing societies of Peshawar. It shows 36 lac 5 marla plot in Regi Town or an 80 lac 10 marla plot in Regi Model Town or a competing 5 marla plot in Regi plot but at a lower price of 35 lacs. When provided with so many options, makes it easier for you to choose a property that fits with you and that you can call home.

Why should you invest in Peshawar?

For most the culture, history and people of Peshawar are enough to make an investment into the city. But if you are not sold yet, then there might be a few other things for you to consider as well.

  • Structures:

First up on the list of things that make Peshawar stand apart from its fellow capital cities is the cityscape. A long time ago, the city was primarily a citadel with high walls. Even though a lot of remnants of that era have been long gone, many reminders still remain. These can be seen in the houses and havelis made of unbaked bricks. It can be seen in the wooden structures erected for protection from earthquakes. It can also be observed in the vibrant bazaars that still exist in the city reminding both its citizens and the world of its timelessness.

  • Education:

Peshawar is home to educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities in a majority of fields. These include, but are not limited to institutions for Humanities, Sciences – General and otherwise, Agriculture, Medical and Business Management. Some of the prominent examples are Khyber Medical university, University of Peshawar, Peshawar campus of Fast University and CECOS University of IT and Engineering. Apart from these colleges and universities, Peshawar also provides a wide range of institutions for post graduate education including Edwardes College Peshawar and Isalmia College University.

  • Landmarks:

Peshawar is home to many sights of importance including Bala Hisar Fort, the history of which goes as far as the 7th century, the Cunningham Clock Tower (also known as “Ghanta Ghar”) that was build around 1900’s and many other sites of importance in terms of the Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu Culture. These include Gorkhatri – the Mughal era caravanserai that is now a public park and Sikh Gurdwara located at Jogan Shah to name a few. The city also houses parks of magnificent beauty such as Jinnah park, Shahi Bagh and Bagh e Naran.

  • Healthcare:

When it comes to the historic city, it is filled will some of the best hospitals in the medical sector. These include hospitals from both public and private sectors that provide the highest levels of care and services for the satisfaction of their patients. Some of these top-level hospitals include Lady Reading Hospital, Rehman Medial Institute Hospital, Khyber Medical Center and Fauji Foundation Hospital among others. With these incredible hospitals, the city makes sure that its citizens are well taken care of in terms of both health and spirit.

Stated above are just a few reasons why choosing  to invest in Peshawar, whether through a residential plot in Peshawar or finding houses sale in Peshawar on installment or a 5 marla house for sale in Peshawar, is the best idea for you. Peshawar is already a city of immeasurable potential, and the development is just starting. The only trend the value of Peshawar is going to take is the one going up. This makes the city a prime location for anyone to invest in. It also does not hurt that here you can find the cheapest land in Pakistan. So if you are looking for an investment in land for sale Pakistan that is easy on your pocket and that will grow the value of your company over time, then just go ahead and make Peshawar cheap land your destination.

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