Islamabad is the ninth largest city in Pakistan. However, in terms of importance, it is at the top as it was built around 1960s with the major focus of it being a replacement for Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. Due to the planned nature of its development and investments from both foreign and local investors, it has quickly become one of the best metropolitans in the world.

Islamabad is a city lined with parks, greenery, residential areas, educational sectors and commercial sectors. With the breathtaking views and the comforts of life the city provides, it has quickly become the center of attention of anyone who wants to buy a property in Pakistan. This peek in interested has made anyone with enough means to be looking to invest in plots in Islamabad.

Islamabad’s success can also be attributed to the fact that it is a political seat the country, housing many of our famous leaders. With that kind of attention, It has grown to be a well-developed cosmopolitan with an increasing attention towards the real-estate sector that has grown considerably over the past few decades.  



Investing In The Capitals

In the last decade or two, these investments towards the development of the city has made it an ideal place to live. Some of the development projects over the years have included investment towards luxury hotels like Sernea, shopping complexes like the famous Centaurus, Giga Mall and Safa Gold Mall.

Along with these luxury facilities, a lot of investment has been focused towards developing the city technology-wise. An example of this a 40-acre Software City being developed behind the capital’s Margalla Hills.

Being the capital of the country, the city attracts much attention from people and organizations looking to invest for development. These investors are both from within the country and foreign.

Educational And Healthcare Facilities Available:

Due to the highly developed nature of the city, it has gone on to gather more investments in virtually every sector, including government, political, educational, commercial and in the recent years, the residential.

This can be understood by the fact that there are numerous top level educational institutions in Islamabad. At the school level, these include schools like Beaconhouse, Pak-Turk International Schools, Fazaia Education System and the like. The city is also home to some of the the best ranked universities in the world including NUST, Air University, National Defence University and Bahria University to name a few.

Apart from educational facilities, the metropolis also provides some of the best healthcare amenities in the country. The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) is located in Islamabad. It is one of the region’s leading hospitals including 22 medical and specialist centers. Some of the other top-notch hospitals of the city include Shifa International Hospital, Saudi German Hospital and Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital.

Breathtaking Beauty and Rich Culture:

The biggest feature of Islamabad that differentiates Islamabad from the capitals of the rest of the world is its natural beauty. For anyone with the slightest appreciation for mother nature, Islamabad is a piece of Heaven on Earth with hill stations like Murree, Nathia Gali and parks like the Fatima Jinnah Park covering the entire F-9 sector.

Attractions like these and historic pieces of architecture like that of Pakistan Monument and Fasial Mosque make this city worth every minute you give it and every penny you spend. Thus, it is the most popular place for tourists to come and settle on their ventures around Pakistan.

Islamabad has a rich culture of being home to people of different languages, heritages and customs. The city has become a place of inclusion where people from all over the world to come and settle.

Residential Attractions:

Islamabad makes it one of the best places to live in Pakistan because of its availability of every resource possible and attraction like top-class restaurants and hotels make it worth the while.

The top food attractions of the city include Monal Restaurant at Pir Sohawa, not only providing delicious meals but also breathtaking views. Other attractions over the city include Chaye Khana, Gelato Affairs. Tuscany Courtyard, Savour Foods, Asian Wok, Texas Steakhouse, to name a few. These restaurants range from ones providing delicious local cuisines to a taste of international flavors throughout.

State of Real Estate:

Owing to the attracting features of the beautiful city mentioned above, anyone and everyone wants a piece of the city. This, of course, has led to many people searching for a plot for sale in Islamabad. Like everything else, the residential sector also grew in Islamabad with many listings for plots in Islamabad. But just as everything of value demands more investment, so do the plots in Islamabad.

As everyone wants to invest in one of the most famous capitals in the world and buying a plot for sale is the best option for investment, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find cheap plots in Islamabad. Not only cheap plots, but to find any plot for sale in Islamabad that fit your requirements has become almost impossible.

The real estate sector of Islamabad has not only blossomed but also become saturated. Conditions like these have intensified the struggle for search for cheap plots in Islamabad. For anyone looking for a small but valid investment, the cost of 5 marla plots is best. This makes for a good investment. But people still have to make sure that the place where they are buying the property is a good one and will provide them profit.

For people looking to invest from a purely business perspective with more means, searching for a 1 kanal plot for sale in Islamabad is most suitable. This ensures that a good amount of money is spent on a property that will increase its value in the future profiting the investor.

The first step to buy any plot for sale in Islamabad is of course the search for it. Now finding a plot for sale in Islamabad is harder than what It appears to be. With a saturation in real estate markets have come crooks that try to trick customers into buy worthless properties in the name of cheap plots in Islamabad. This is where comes in.

Asasa is the best real estate app in the market because not only does provide you various options to choose from but it also provides security, saving customers from being duped or facing a loss. So, whenever a customer needs to find a plot for sale in Islamabad, all they need to do is to search for it through app and browse through the many options with different price ranges and specifications available. Features like these is exactly what makes Asasa the best real estate app available for customers to buy properties as an investment or as their new homes.

And there is no place better than Islamabad to put your money in with its booming advancements in virtually every sector and its provision of amenities that keeps on increasing every day. So, if you’re thinking of investing in this city, the only answer is YES

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