Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city of Pakistan. It lies adjacent to Islamabad, the two together known as the “twin-cities”. The city has a rich heritage with remnants of Mughal, Buddhist, Sikh and British influences. As Rawalpindi was the largest cantonment when Pakistan got Independence in 1947, so the main Headquarters of Pakistan Army were also created here even though, at that Karachi was the capital. But later on, Islamabad was made the capital of the country. As Islamabad was made the capital, an influx of investment was seen in both adjacent cities.

Today, though it has a mixed population as it had an influx of many muhajir and Kashmiris. Rawalpindi is a bustling metropolitan famous for the busy nature of its existence. It has both the small streets and bazars that were present at the time of the Indian subcontinent and developed housing projects that were created recently.

The city is famous for its rich history and culture. The city not only provides sites from the past of the country’s existence but also provides powerful stories of struggle to go with them. That is a big reason why a lot of people enjoy living in a city that is forever busy and developing with every passing minute while also maintaining a tribute to its history in the everyday work.


Why Rawalpindi?

Tourism and Parks

The city is located in close proximity to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. This has made the city stronger in terms of its geostrategic importance. This rise in its prominence along with its heritage of struggle, sacrifice and patriotism make Rawalpindi an ideal place to live.

Apart from the city’s political and cultural importance, the city is also a major tourist attraction for international and national tourists alike. It has a close proximity to northern hill stations like Murre, Ayubia and Nathiagali. This makes it a prominent place for tourists to stop by and enjoy the culture the city has to offer.

The city also offers places of nature and peace to sit and enjoy. One of the important places is the Ayub National Park that has an aquarium, the Jungle Kingdom, a garden restaurant and rides for kids to enjoy. This makes it a place of enjoyment for families and kids of all ages.

Another essential offering of the city is Jinnah Park, created in 2008. After its creation, the park soon became a center of high activity in the city. The park provides a state of the art cinema, Cinepax, outlets of many fast food joints like McDonalds. The park provides a place to relax and be closer to nature. It has many restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with your family. It also houses many rides for kids and a bowling alley to have some fun. This makes it a great attraction for families to enjoy on days off.


Rawalpindi has a high rate of literacy in Pakistan and 97.4% of its children between the ages of 6-16 are enrolled in schools. Because of the investment put into the city, it has many private and government educational institutions.

Rawalpindi has many top rate schools and colleges such as Army Public School, Fazaia Inter College and Fauji Foundation. In addition, it has a great range of great universities for higher education. These include Arid Agriculture University, Army Medical College, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME), Military College of Signals, Fatima Jinnah Women University (the first ever women university of Pakistan) and Gordon College (established in 1872), among a few.



Rawalpindi also happens to have an exquisite healthcare system in place with many government and private health facilities available. Some of the best government hospitals include Holy Family, Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and District Headquarters (DHQ) while private hospitals include Shifa International and Combined Military Hospital (CMH).


Investment in Rawalpindi

There are many commercial and residential plots for sale in Rawalpindi. With the investment that came in Rawalpindi when Islamabad was made capital, many housing projects were created. These projects then became a source of many Plots for sale in Rawalpindi. These plots for sale are scattered all over Rawalpindi.

A plot for sale in Rawalpindi can range in price depending on the location and the facilities available in the area. As far as size goes, a plot for sale in Rawalpindi varies from a 5 marla plot for sale in Rawalpindi to 1 kanal plot for sale in Rawalpindi.

The deep and extraordinary historical importance of Rawalpindi makes it an ideal city to invest in plots for sale or live in. Due to its vicinity to the capital of the country, a plot for sale in Rawalpindi is a very good place for investment.

What to invest in?

If you are looking to invest some of your money for profit purposes, then investing in a 5 marla plot for sale in Rawalpindi in one of the new residential areas such as Bahria Town Gulraiz or Sadar Safari Valley is the best route. However, if you are looking to buy a house for settling in then a 1 kanal plot for sale in Rawalpindi would be a more suitable option, preferably in the new real-estate schemes that provide good quality standards of living and security measures.

As a city, Rawalpindi provides some of the best resources such as healthcare, education and places for recreation mentioned above. That is why it has always been a great place for people to spend on plots for sale.

How can Asasa help?

Asasa is an online real-estate portal of Pakistan that helps you to easily find a house or plot for sale in Rawalpindi. With the incredibly integrated 360ᵒ view technology, you can now view any plot for sale in Rawalpindi that you want to buy, within the comfort of your home. Plots for sale can be hard to find, especially in a bustling city like Rawalpindi where a lot of people are looking to invest. This is where Asasa comes in. All you have to do is open the app and see the plots for sale in Rawalpindi around you on the map. Moreover, if you like a plot for sale in Rawalpindi, you can open its details to see the amenities available around the location to make an educated decision. After that, you can easily contact our team and get ore details to make a final decision. Its that simple!

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